Accept payments with the speed of real-time

Accept payments with the speed of real-time

Get paid instantly. Save money on payment fees. Connect with your customers.

Low Fees

Costs 2x cheaper than card payments processing.


No physical contact required at any point.

No Chargebacks

Your sale is final. No chargebacks, no fraud.

Get Your Money in Real-Time

No more waiting for days to get your money. With Ruby the money will hit your bank account in seconds.

Retail, E-Commerce, Restaurants, Bill Payments?

It works great for any industry.

Connect with your customers

Send targeted offers and messages, give increased cashback to the best customers.

No hardware required

Download our Ruby for Business app and start accepting payments instantly. Or connect your favorite POS.

Works on both Apple and Android

Unlike Apple Pay, Ruby is designed to work both on Apple iOS and Android devices. This way, no customer will be left behind.

Accept payments with the speed of real-time

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