10 Ways to Accept Credit Cards with Your Merchant Account

In the post-COVID world, it's more important than ever to be flexible in the way you run your business. Luckily, every Payment.Ninja merchant account comes with a lot of payment features out of the box.

In the post-COVID world, it's more important than ever to be flexible in the way you run your business. Luckily, every Payment.Ninja merchant account comes with a lot of payment features out of the box.

In the payment processing language, it's called omnichannel payments and that means that your merchant account offers you a way to accept credit cards in whatever environment you do business, with the same rates, speed, and reliability.

Let's explore how you can use your merchant account to accept credit cards the way your customers want when they transact with you.

Contactless POS terminal for in-store payments

Your traditional POS payment terminal has always been there for you, and perhaps you replaced the models quite a few times before. But these days we are truly entering the age of contactless payments and your customers expect you to accept all kinds of mobile wallets and contactless credit and debit cards. So the first step for you is to make sure your POS terminal is a fairly recent model and can handle contactless payments, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay mobile wallets, at the very least. If it can't, it's a very good idea to order a new POS terminal right away and make yourself and your frontline employees familiar with all the contactless features it comes with.

Virtual terminal

One of the advantages of Payment.Ninja Merchant Account which is often overlooked is that it offers the same lower rate when you accept credit cards via the Virtual Terminal, therefore removing any limitations on how you may want to use that feature. It's pretty rare to have that and not much of other payment companies offer the same, often adding as much as an extra 1% of the commission to all Virtual Terminal payments.

Virtual Terminal may come handy in quite a few business situations, particularly when you make sales or bookings over the phone or email, need to charge some transactions manually, or simply don't have anything else with you than a mobile phone with a Payment.Ninja mobile app in your pocket when visiting a client's location or making a delivery.

Online payments processing

Any modern business is expected to do business online, whether it's using an online store to sell merchandise, receiving orders for professional services, or accepting reservations for the restaurant tables.

Again, you have a choice of options that you can process payments online with Payment.Ninja, but the easiest and fastest solution is the Hosted Payment Pages.

In this case, all you need to do is to redirect your customer from your website, mobile app, or an online form builder to a special URL that you can build yourself in your dashboard. It's super-easy and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Another great advantage of a hosted payment page is that you don't have to worry about PCI DSS compliance, because it's all handled by Payment.Ninja when your page is created.

Payment Links

Very close comes the next way to accept payments, called Payment Links. Essentially, it's a short URL that you can use however you like: send it in a text message or email, put it on your website, use in Facebook groups, or even print it out and display in your store.

It can be used once for just a single purchase, or multiple times for a lot of different customers, but in either case, it will lead your customer to a hosted payment page where she will enter her credit card details and complete the transaction.


If your business is about professional services or selling to other businesses, the invoicing feature will be very useful for you. In just a few clicks you will be able to create a branded, itemized invoice and send it to your customer for payment.

One of the interesting features of Payment.Ninja invoicing solution is that it will let you focus on your business, instead of chasing customers for payment. Once you create an invoice, it will send automatic reminders to a customer and help you get paid faster. You can read more about the invoicing feature in one of your previous blog posts here.


There's a good chance many of your customers regularly buy from you the same set products or services, at the same price. If that is the case, consider using an automated payment feature called Subscriptions.

It's very easy to use and takes a lot of hassle off your relationship with a regular client. You can just set how often you want to charge them and for how much and enter their credit card just once, and it takes care of everything else, without any need for you to intervene.

Of course, whenever your customer's card is charged, both of you will receive notifications by email or text messages. The payment schedule can also be changed or canceled at any time.

To learn more about the subscription feature, read one of our previous blog posts here.

E-Commerce platforms

Do you use Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento BigCommerce, or any other major e-commerce platform to manage your online sales?

if the answer is yes, you can take advantage of your super-low payment processing rates with Payment.Ninja merchant account by connecting it to your e-commerce platform account.

To achieve this, all you need to do is download and install a free Payment.Ninja plugin for WooCommerce, or another e-commerce platform, which only takes a few minutes for a web developer. We also have a simple video guide if you want to do that yourself.

Mobile payment processing everywhere you go

You may not know it, but Payment.Ninja merchant account comes with the free mobile apps for Apple iOS and Android, which allow you to do everything you do in the Business Dashboard, including payment processing.

Essentially it's a full-features mobile Point of Sale in your pocket, which has access to your inventory, customer base, transaction history, and all the payment options available. You can accept credit cards with Virtual Terminal or use a mobile card-reader, send invoices or payment links, and set up recurring payments for subscriptions or payment plans. It's all very easy and arguably more convenient than doing the same tasks on your laptop computer. And the best part, it's always in your pocket, whether you are in your store, visiting customers or working from home.


In the post-COVID world, many businesses have to reimagine themselves and completely change the way they interact with their customers and make sales. Luckily, if you have Payment.Ninja merchant account, you already well prepared and can be flexible in exploring new business models as much as you like, having all the necessary tools for a highly-efficient payment processing at your disposal.

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