Payment.Ninja vs Adyen

The power of Interchange Plus pricing against famously simple API

Adyen in a nutshell: expensive and developer-oriented

Adyen is a great API-first payment provider, which focuses on developers and platforms. Unfortunately, it has very high payment fees, unless you process a really large payment volume. Payment.Ninja easily beats Adyen in the pricing department and offers much more modern GraphQL API and smooth develiper experience.


Adyen offers a flat rate pricing model with a very high entry point, while Payment.Ninja undercuts Adyen almost by half thanks to the innovative Interchange Plus pricing model.

1.85% + 5¢

2.9% + 30¢


Adyen relies on it's developer eco-system to provide software solutions for customers. Payment.Ninja has everything built-in.

Mobile App, Virtual Terminal, Invoicing, Recurring Payments

Relies on developers ecosystem, limited features.

Customer Support

Adyen recenly upgraded it's Customer Support service. Payment.Ninja provides 24x7 Live Chat support in real-time as a standard.

Live Chat, 24x7

Email Support

Developer Experience

Adyen is positioning itself as a developer-first payment provider, but it's API is some-what dated and uses old REST specification. Payment.Ninja offers cutting-edge GraphQL API with the real-time access to the account data built-in right into the dashboard.



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