Love Mongoose? Try Payment.Ninja

We partnered with Mongoose to save money on payment fees for developers

We love open source

We are forever thankful to the Mongoose team and other open-source projects who help founders to bring great product and services to the world.

Save 50% on payment processing fees

Payment.Ninja helps you to process Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover credit and debit card payments at 50% lower cost than PayPal, Stripe or Square.

First GraphQL payments API ever

Build your apps in days, not weeks. Avoid errors and typos. Never worry about breaking changes in the APIs.

Mobile-first payment experience, instantly

Use React, Gatsby, e-commerce platforms or hosted payment forms to integrate mobile-first payment experience into your apps

Built-in invoicing and subscriptions

Use the Payment.Ninja Dashboard or GraphQL API to easily create and manage smart invoices or Saas subscriptions to get paid faster every time

Integrated developers experience

Access your account data instantly via the integrated GraphQL explorer and run your queries from your Payment.Ninja Dashboard

Accept payments with the speed of real-time

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