Should You Be Using Interchange-Plus Pricing to Process Credit Card Payments?

What is the Interchange? Interchange in the payment industry is a charge that a processing bank charges for a transaction with a MasterCard or Visa payment for a card issuance of a card. Interchange is a composite fee, consisting of a percentage and a fixed amount of components, e.g. 1.80 per cent + $0.10 (in this case the interchange fee for a $100 transaction would be [1.80 per cent x $100] + $…

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To be sure, you need some pretty solid software tools to achieve your subscription goals. According to market research, there are literally hundreds of software products and cloud services dedicated to this task alone. Most of them will charge you a good monthly fee to use their tools. Luckily, if you process your credit card payments with Payment.Ninja, you are getting a wide range of business…

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Invoicing is no doubt a significant business operation in itself. From the speed of creating a new invoice to presenting it to a customer, and then to get it actually paid. It takes a full-time role to handle it all in some more prominent firms. Sometimes a whole department. Even an entire building. That’s how vital Invoicing is. Hundreds of software companies try to tackle the invoicing conundrum…

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